May 18, 2011

Where to find an Honest Judge.

There was a judge who had twin sons named Adam and Christopher. Adam became a scoundrel. Growing up he disobeyed his father, rebelled against him, and left home. His father was broken-hearted over the waywardness of his rebellious son. The grief grew to anger as Adam turned to a life of crime, robbing, raping, and murdering people in the land where the judge presided.

The other son, Christopher, was the ideal son. He always obeyed his father and brought his father great joy. When Christopher grew up, he decided to become a policeman and help his father protect the innocent and fight crime.

One day after murdering and raping another victim, Adam was caught and arrested by Christopher. Christopher brought Adam to court, where their father was presiding. Adam spit in the face of his father and cursed his brother. Adam tried to escape and in the midst of the melee, Adam got a gun from another officer. He shot his brother Christopher shouting, “Die, die, die.” Christopher was taken to a hospital and kept on life-support in a coma.

The trial was the next day. After hearing the evidence against his criminal son, the judge pronounced Adam guilty and sentenced him to solitary confinement in the penitentiary until the day he would be executed for his horrific crimes. On one hand the father is glad that this criminal’s crime spree is stopped and that justice will be carried out when he pays for his crimes. But, every night he weeps over his condemned son, whom he still loves.

As for Adam, the entire time he is sitting in jail, he is seething with hatred against his father and brother.

While Adam is waiting in prison for the death sentence to be carried out, his brother, Christopher, recovers from Adam’s attempt to kill him. And every night the father and Christopher weep over Adam because they love Adam so much. But, they know as a righteous judge and police officer, the law demands these heinous crimes must be paid for by death.

On the day of his execution, Adam has two visitors. He looks up from his cell to see his father and his brother standing outside his cell. They tell Adam they love Him and don’t want to see him die. But, re-emphasize that the law demands the death sentence be carried out for his crimes.

Then they tell Adam they have some good news for him. They have devised a way for the death sentence to be fulfilled without Adam having to die. More than that, he can be released from prison, and he can be changed so he doesn’t continue in his life of crime. Adam listens intently to this good news.

The father and Christopher explain that they have agreed together to let Christopher die in Adam’s place so that the death sentence is carried out. In this way the laws demands against Adam’s crimes will be fulfilled and justice will be satisfied.

But, there’s more to this good news. They tell Adam that his criminal record will be erased and in its place he will be credited with Christopher’s record of outstanding performance as a police officer.

The good news gets even better. When Christopher dies for Adam, Christopher’s brain and heart will be kept alive. And by means of a new technological transplant breakthrough, Adam can receive Christopher’s brain and heart, so that Adam will begin to live like Christopher -- a life of love and obedience toward his father.

And there’s more. If Adam agrees to let Christopher die in his place and receives the transplanted organs from Christopher so he turns from a life of crime, Adam will also take Christopher’s place on the police force to help his father protect the innocent and fight crime.
Adam begins to weep over this kind of love that his father, the judge, and his policeman brother, Christopher, have for him. He regrets the way he has treated his father and brother. He is sorry for his life of crime and wants to be rescued from death and his criminal lifestyle. He wants to live so he can please his father and work with his father to protect the innocent and fight crime. But, he also realizes his freedom from death and power to change will come at a great cost, the death of his brother, Christopher.

Overwhelmed with the love and wisdom and justice of his father and brother, Adam then asks the obvious question: “What must I do to be saved?”

The father says, “Let Christopher into your cell and let him trade places with you. When he leaves your cell and dies, believe I will accept his death as your death, and I will pronounce that you are no longer condemned to die.”

Then Christopher adds, “Say ‘No’ to living a life of crime and say ‘Yes’ to living as a law abiding son and citizen. Believe that by receiving my brain and heart you are receiving my life. And by receiving my life, I will change you from a law-breaker to a law abiding citizen who protects the innocent and fights against crime.”

Adam gladly and tearfully says, “Open the cell. I receive Christopher as the payment for my crimes. I want Christopher’s brain and heart so I can be changed from being a law-breaker to a law keeper. And I want to join my father to protect the innocent and fight crime.”

The father and Christopher enter Adam’s cell and Christopher puts on Adam’s prison clothes. Then the father takes Christopher to the wooden gallows where he will be hanged until death. They embrace one another. The father says, “I love you, son.” Christopher says, “I love you, Dad.” The father places the noose around Christopher’s neck and with feelings of great sorrow, yet great joy, he pulls the lever and puts Christopher to death.

Then the father goes back to Adam’s cell and says “Christopher has died for you. You are no longer under condemnation and I release you from prison. Now let’s go to the hospital for the transplant.” They go immediately to the hospital where Adam eagerly receives Christopher’s brain and heart.

When Adam awakes from the surgery the next morning, his father says, “I love you, son.” And Adam says, “I love you, Dad.” The father gives Christopher’s police uniform to Adam, which he promptly puts on. Then the father and Adam leave the hospital arm-in-arm. They are walking and rejoicing together in this renewed relationship that Christopher made possible by giving his life for Adam and to Adam.

And when they step outside into the sunlight of the new day -- there stands Christopher.

This story is a picture of what God has done for you through Jesus. Rather remarkable. 

More information in your native language is available at: Who is Jesus Really?

March 12, 2011

Muslim Cleric Gets Angry at Christians in Morocco.

Every summer foreign tourists pour into Morocco and some of these tourists have an agenda. Their purpose is to distribute Christian literature to the dominant Muslim population of Morocco. One particular team went to a park in the ancient city of Fes. They loaded up a car with a lot of Christian literature and headed for the park.  When they arrived they split up into three different teams and proceeded to give out literature. It wasn't long before they were spotted by curious onlookers who approached them for some of the free books they were handing out. All of a sudden they were mobbed by Moroccans who were grabbing at the literature. The team soon ran out of literature and went back to the car to get more. Quickly, however, the crowd became overwhelming. Everybody wanted something and it became a dangerous mob scene! The leader told the girls on the team, “Get in the car NOW!  We need to go. This is getting out of hand!”  As he was getting into the car a hand stopped the door from closing. He looked up into the face of a very angry man who looked like Osama bin Laden. Although the team leader had never met this man before, he knew who he was just by his appearance, his beard, and his clothing. He was the cleric from the local mosque and his turf had been invaded by infidels propagating a foreign religion. He was very, very angry.

Through patience and a calm discussion with him, he eventually relaxed a little bit, but threatened to take the team to the police because they had violated the law.  The team leader asked him to let me take the foreigners back to their hotel and then they could discuss it later. He backed off when he realized there were a bunch of western girls in the back seat of the car. The team leader was able to close the car door and lock it. He couldn't drive anywhere because the mob was totally surrounding the car. The Muslim cleric had stirred them up and now they were angry. The team leader started the engine and began to move slowly through the crowd.  People kicked and punched the car but they were able to get away. 

February 21, 2011

Muslim Students Searching for Truth Find it in the Bible.

The Karaouine University in Fes.
A young man was distributing literature on the streets in Muslim Morocco among some university students that were hanging around on the streets while they were studying for their exams. He was handing out copies of the Bible in Arabic and some other Christian books and as he was walking home, he heard some footsteps running up behind him.  “I’m in trouble.” Was his first thoughts. “I must have angered some people.” He wondered what was going to happen.

Turning around, he saw two students approach him and the young man said, “Yes? Can I help you?”  The two students said, “We would like to have some of those Bibles that you were handing out.” “Why?”, the young man asked. They said, “We are searching for truth.”  Wow! The young man couldn’t believe his ears!  He asked them to wait and he quickly ran home and picked up several Bibles and other Christian books and returned to give them to the students.  The were very grateful.  He never saw them again but rejoiced knowing that they had access to the truth for which they had been searching.

February 8, 2011

Sex and Prostitutes in Morocco.

Due to high unemployment in North Africa, there is a thriving prostitution industry. Girls, boys, and transexuals are easily available in the big cities as well as small villages. Foreign tourists typically look for them in big cities and locals go to the smaller villages. Recently, two American missionaries decided to go into the mountains where the prostitutes lived and give them literature. They packed their bags and headed off to the area where the prostitutes were known to live. The missionaries had heard they often surround men and pull them in their houses by force.  It was good the two missionaries went on their mission together. When they arrived, they told the girls that we brought gifts for them. The two missionaries were soon surrounded by a crowd of young women and they began to distribute Bibles and audio and videotapes. The prostitutes were very happy to get them and sure enough, they grabbed one of the missionary's arms and wanted not only the books but also their "business".  The two young missionaries made it clear they were not interested (one of them had to inflict a little pain by twisting a girl's arm to get the message across) but they finally got the message.  The missionaries eventually left leaving behind books that held truth that they hoped would result in a spiritual new birth for these women. 

Morocco needs Christian missionaries who will reach out to the prostitutes and give them a message of hope. No one else cares about these young girls. Most of them were married and divorced before they turned twenty. Their families forced them into a life of prostitution in order to bring in money. Girls have been known to cry and ask for mercy while engaging in sex with their customers. Some have even pleaded to be taken to the homes of the men and offered to be their slaves. Grasping at anything to provide hope, these women live in a dark world of misery and despair. 

Prostitution in Morocco is rampant. In large cities as well as in smaller villages, it is the "solution to survive" as seen by many families and even communities. Everyone knows it exists and there is plenty of demand, so the problem continues to grow. The result of this out-of-control activity is the spread of HIV/AIDS, increased abortions, and many unwanted children who are abandoned. 

Short term Christian missions teams don't typically approach the places where Moroccan prostitutes live or work. Long term resident missionaries need to make the effort to reach out to these women. Foreign women probably have better opportunities to have long term relationships ans conversations with these women. Who will go?

February 7, 2011

Hosni Mubarak's Riches Stashed in Swiss Banks.

Hosni Mubarak's wealth is estimated at 17 billion dollars with much of it stashed away in Swiss and British bank accounts. In addition, the Mubarak family owns houses in many cities around the world such as New York, Madrid, Paris, London, Frankfurt and other major international cities. For over 29 years he has skimmed money from the national treasury. Capitalizing primarily on the tourism industry, not only Hosni Mubarak but his entire family have taken advantage of the Egyptian people. Will luxury villas scattered around the country and especially along the Mediterranean sea coast, there is no shortage of money to maintain a life style that's beyond the imaginations of the Egyptian people. If the people of Egypt knew the reality of his wealth, they would create such a revolt within hours that it would stun the world.

Should Hosni Mubarak and his family be forced to return their fortune to the Egyptian people? If so, how would that be done? Who would manage such a huge undertaking and how much would they skim off the top? Corruption is rampant in Egypt as it is in many other countries around the world. Unfortunately the common man is the one who suffers and only a few benefit. But can they really be happy people knowing that they stole their wealth from the people? How does one sleep at night knowing that they have committed such a crime?How does one have peace with God knowing the extent of their sins?

February 6, 2011

A Dream the Leads a Young Moroccan to Truth.

A foreign student lived with a Moroccan family for about a year to learn more about their language and culture.  The family had a private room on the flat roof of their apartment and it provided an ideal place to live. One of the four Moroccan children was interested in Christianity.  His name was Abdu and he and the foreign student would talk from time to time about religion.

One night Abdu had a dream and he heard a voice calling him and telling him to “Go into the light, go into the light.” He had the same dream the next night and it really shook him. He took the Bible that the student had given him and he locked himself in his room and started reading it. He eventually became a believer in what he read and a follower of Jesus Christ. He said one of the reasons why he was really drawn to the Bible was the details. It had organized detail that he didn't find in the Koran and words of truth and encouragement he didn't find in the Koran. He also found a message of salvation, forgiveness and hope. That is why he gave his life to Christ.

His mother eventually found out and was very upset. She was a nurse and got her hands on a bunch of drugs and forced him to take them to try to get this Christian spirit out of him. She also hired the local Muslim cleric to try to cast out this Christian spirit that had entered her son. It was a difficult time, so he had to move away from this family.

He was riding in a bus one time reading a Christian magazine in Arabic and the gentleman next to him asked him what he was reading. Abdu told him and explained to the man the Christian faith. Sure enough several days later, the police came knocking on his door, arrested him and brought him to jail. He had to pay the equivalent of $500 dollars to be set free. He didn't have that money, so a friend came and bailed him out. Abdu was happy to be released and continues to be a witness for his Savior to this day.

February 5, 2011

Muslims Introduced to Jesus in Rooftop Bible Study in Tunis.

Some foreign students in the country of Tunisia held a Bible study in their apartment on Saturday nights. In order to generate interest, they had fun night on Fridays and had Muslims come over to play games,  have fellowship, food and a good time. It was a time to get to know each other, build trust with each other and then invite them to the study. 

The students had a room on the roof of their apartment and they converted it into a room that resembled a mosque. They would sit on the floor, pray and sing Christian songs in Arabic. Every Saturday night they would have 3-4 Muslims come to the meetings to discuss religion, debate about Islam and Christianity, inquire, and to study the Bible. Now many years later there is fruit from those meetings as the seed of truth was planted in their hearts.

February 4, 2011

The Goats and Elvis

Elvis was quite a superstar. Gone from this earth at an early age, many can remember the day they heard the news that he was dead. Indeed he had a superb voice and he was quite the entertainer. Most of the rest of us would like to be able to sing like him, but alas, we all sound like goats. Why didn't we all take voice lessons? Did Elvis? Or was he simply naturally gifted. I'm sure Elvis had voice coaches and spent many hours practicing and rehearsing. No one really knows how much time and work Elvis had to put into practicing for each show. We all just look at his fame and fortune, not to mention his sparkling wardrobe. Did Elvis eventually think too much of himself? Did he fall into self worship? What an easy trap that can be. We all do it. How much time do you spend in front of the mirror admiring yourself? Bet you do it several times daily and don't even realize it. How easy is it to love ourselves above all else. Even more than God. Why? Because we can see ourselves but we can't see God. God did reveal himself to us however. Simply open up the Bible and you see...God! And you see his human manifestation - Jesus Christ. Amazing if you think about it. God knew that we would want to know him and "see" him. So he orchestrated an amazing plan to leave heaven and come down to earth and be a part of the world he created. Interestingly, he didn't come down as royalty, but in poverty. Can you relate to that? Do you think he can relate to you? Elvis was amazing. God is more amazing. I hope Elvis knew God. Too late for him. What about you? Where is your focus? If you are like me, you sing like a goat, but you are a precious thing to God. Will the world ever forget Elvis? Not until the end.

February 3, 2011

Rage, Egypt and How the Arab Nations Will Impact the World

Tahrir Square, Cairo, Egypt
The whole world is watching the protests against President Mubarak and his 30 years in power.  The recent revolution in Tunisia that sparked these protests shocked everyone.  No one ever thought that an Arab dictatorship could be toppled in just a few days.  As a result, Arabs in other Arab countries have been emboldened to do the same.  

In Egypt, some people are worse off than others having little access to food and money.  They are staying in their homes for their protection but can move about within limits.

The diversity in political views is now emerging and this is no exception in the Christian community.  Some Christians are on the side of Mubarak and are willing to wait for him to step down later in 2011.  They want peace and the end of the protests now.  Other Christians want immediate regime change hoping for more freedom later.

As far as we know, there has not been any attacks on churches.  In fact, we are seeing an unprecedented unity between Muslims and Christians which actually began with the Alexandria church bombing on News Years Day 2011.  Since then, some Muslims and Christians have united against terrorism and now with this revolution, many are united against the dictatorship of President Mubarak, all in one month.

There is great frustration and despair amongst the Egyptian people.  The absolute corruption of this regime has taken away so much of their dignity as human beings and so it is no surprise to see their passion come out all at once.  On the other hand, most don’t want the Muslim Brotherhood to gain significant power. resident Mubarak has successfully suppressed Islamic radicals for years.  After all that’s said and done, no one can deny that Mubarak has kept the peace in Egypt.  He is a wise politician albeit a ruthless one.  Whatever happens, Egypt and the Middle East will never be the same again.

So Egypt and the entire Arab World really need prayer at the moment.  God has already answered prayers by removing Habib Al Adly, the Minister of the Interior, who was responsible for much of the government’s reign of terror, brutality and torture of their own people through the despised police forces.  The “Amn AlDawla”, the National Security, also persecuted Christians and those who have converted to Christianity.  

And let’s remember Yemen on Thursday, Feb 3rd.  This is Yemen’s “Day of Rage”.  We have already seen Days of Rage in Lebanon and Egypt, and Syria is planning their "Day of Rage" sometime this coming weekend against the autocratic rule of Bashar Al-Assad.  We want Jesus, the Prince of Peace to change these "Days of Rage" into Days of Peace.  Things are really changing in the ossified Arab World.  Whether we like it or not, the events unfolding before us will transform the world. Like a giant earthquake, Libya, Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco, Jordan, Syria, Iraq and yes, the United States, Great Britain and even China will feel the effects of unrest in the Middle East. Sitting atop large amounts of oil reserves, the world economy will be effected by the changes of regimes in the Middle East. Islamic fundamentalism will continue to gain momentum and possibly gain power. Then they will be able to further agenda and we could see more Muslim nations fall like dominoes. As for Christians and Jews and people of other faiths living in these countries, their future is uncertain.

Here is a request from Qasr Dubara Church, a large church next to Tahrir Square where the main demonstrations are being held in Cairo – to join them in praying.  The following has been translated from Arabic:

So we now call all our brothers and sisters in the church and all our friends to redouble their prayers with us, so that we may come through this time in peace and emerge as a more united people with a stronger faith in a bright future for our country.  May the Lord give each and every one in his particular situation a vision to see how he can contribute positively, without violence or destruction. Let us seek the face of the Lord and ask for the grace of persevering and hopeful prayer for the making of a worthy future for ourselves and our children.  Let us cry out to him with broken hearts and repent of all corruption and wrongdoing both in us and around us.  May He bless our country with goodness, peace, justice, and righteousness.

February 2, 2011

Foreigners Meet Moroccan Christian on the Beach in Morocco.

The beach in Tangier, Morocco
One summer a young man was with a group of international people who were a part of a short term summer outreach. They were on the beach in Tangier, Morocco and they were trying to conduct a discrete “open air outreach” on the beach. They got into a circle with their guitar and we were singing some Christian worship songs in English and also in Arabic. No one was paying any attention to them or what they were doing. The leader thought to himself, "What are we going to do?" Off in the distance he saw two young men. One was beating on an upside down bucket like a drum and the other one was using a broken tennis racket as a guitar. They are singing at the top of their lungs and doing their thing. So the team leader called them over to come and join the group. They did and they started beating on their bucket and singing with us and making noise. All of a sudden, they got the attention of the people on the beach!

Before they knew it, they had a crowd of over 100 people gathered around them, looking to see what was going on. The crowd was a little too big and sure enough the police came running and told the people to go away. The team leader asked the police if it was a problem with the people around us. The police said, “We are trying to protect you. It is a problem for us because we don't want our people harassing tourists.” So lots of people left, but there were three or four Moroccans sitting with the group who didn't leave. A discussion began about religion and the Christian faith.

The team leader was in a discussion with one young Muslim Moroccan man and another young Moroccan man sitting next to him jumped into the conversation defending Christianity. The first young Muslim man then said to him, “Are you a Christian or something?” The other Moroccan man said, “Yes, I am.” Wow, that took the Muslim man by surprise! This was the first time the team leader had heard a person publicly express they are a Christian to a stranger in a Muslim country, and it was the first time for this Muslim as well!

When they were finished with their discussion, the team leader told the young Moroccan Christian, “Can we get together tomorrow and talk?” He was about 18 years old and had been listening to the Arabic Christian radio programs from Monte Carlo and had sent away for the Bible correspondence courses. He became a believer and follower of Jesus and so did his two friends! The only believers they knew were just the three of them. They had actually baptized each other in a river! The team leader was was the first Christian they had actually met. A few months later, the team leader and another friend visited these new Moroccan believers in their village to do discipleship work with them and to teach and encourage them. It was a great time of fellowship and also they were part of the discipleship camps that some of the Christians arranged every summer for new Moroccan believers

January 30, 2011

Moroccan Pharmacist Receives Gift of Hope.

A husband and wife went to a small village in the mountains to visit some friends. They had to go to the pharmacy and after they made their purchase the husband asked the pharmacist, “How much do I owe you?” He said, “Nothing, this is for you for free.”  The husband then gave the man a New Testament in return as a gift. He said “Oh wow, I have been wanting to read one of these. I admire the unity you have in Christianity that we do not have in Islam.” The husband and wife thought that was very interesting and they had a nice discussion about why he was interested and what he thought about Christianity. The Moroccan pharmacist was very excited to receive the New Testament.

January 26, 2011

Christian Missionaries Caught in Tunisia Distributing Bibles.

In Tunisia, a small team of evangelical Christians were very bold and aggressive in their desire to see the Gospel spread in their adopted country.  They had an emphasis on putting Gospels of Luke into people's mailboxes. They were doing a hit and run blitz in order to keep out of the watchful eye of government authorities. One day they were in a small food store buying some groceries and the shop owner said, “Hey your book is in the newspaper.”  They looked and there was a copy and picture of some of the literature they had been handing out. They bought a copy of the newspaper and ran home to read it and the headline said, “Missionaries Amongst our Houses!” Their distribution of literature campaign had angered some journalists who found out about it. They wrote an article that thoroughly embarrassed the government. As a result, the government got very upset and felt something had to be done quickly.  The group was known for our missionary activities, and so the leader was summoned by the Minister of the Interior and given 48 hours to pack his bags and leave the country. 

He asked them if he could come back into the country and they said, “Of course.”  He wasn't so sure they were telling the truth. Three weeks later he tried to return with a short term missions team that was going to do some literature distribution. The team got into the country, but the leader was stopped at the border and deported a second time.  The government got rid of one missionary, but nine more got in the country to do literature distribution! The plans of the Lord cannot be thwarted!

January 25, 2011

Tunisian Man Sees Special Book in Tourist's Pocket.

Recently some tourists were walking down the streets of the old city of Tunis. One of them had ta thin green book and only the top was sticking out. They were walking and talking and passing by shops and one of the shopkeepers said, “Stop!” He pointed to the tourists and said, “That’s the Injil (Gospel of Luke) in your pocket!”

Apparently the shop owner had done some Bible correspondence courses and had received the same Gospel of Luke in the mail. So when he saw it, he wanted to talk more about Jesus and the Christian faith. He visited the tourists in their apartment where they showed him the Jesus video in Arabic  He left their house with tears streaming down his face, clearly touched by what God had done for him through Jesus.

Another time the tourists decided to present a message to people in Belvedere park in Tunis.  They thought it was a crazy idea to do this in a Muslim country, but they were young and radical. They had a sketch board and had an artist from France was able to quickly draw caricatures. So they gave the story of the Prodigal Son in the middle of the park. About 150 Tunisians gathered to listen. Sure enough, here came the police. The tourists thought, “Uh, oh, we have problems.”  But the police simply looked and walked on by! Later, the tourists spent time talking to people who were interested in the message of hope that Jesus gave through the Bible.

January 22, 2011

Young Moroccan Man Decides to Follow Jesus Christ.

A visiting Christian to the country of Morocco had the blessed opportunity to lead a young Moroccan Muslim man to the Lord. They met on the streets of the old city of Fez. The young man managed a little tourist shop where he sold trinkets and hand made souvenirs. He said he managed to get his hands on a copy of the Bible in Arabic.  The visitor was rather surprised as most Muslims have never seen a Bible.  Asked how got a copy, he said that he had heard about a Muslim tourist guide who had received a copy of the New Testament from a tourist, but he didn't want it. So the young Moroccan man approached him and asked if he could buy that Bible.  The guide sold it to him. It was an Arabic/English New Testament which made it very favorable for him to put his hand on because he was trying to study English. He began to read it and it had a powerful impact on his life as he realized that he was reading truth. 

The visiting Christian managed to find a copy of a book called This is Christianity. It helped him to understand salvation and the Trinity. One night the young Moroccan man came knocking on the door where the visiting Christian was living. “I have a few questions.” He said.  They sat down and discussed the Christian faith. After wards the young Moroccan man said he was ready to give his life to Christ. Wow!  The two prayed together and when they were outside and walking towards the Moroccan's house, the young Moroccan believer in Jesus started running and then he put his arms out and shouted, “I feel free as a bird!” He ran all the way home with a lot of joy in his heart.

January 21, 2011

How to Find a Bible in Muslim North Africa

Fez, Morocco
Christians have found it difficult trying to get booksellers to sell the Bible in North Africa. Bookstores usually do not sell Arabic Bibles because they were too afraid they would be shut down. Creative ways needed to be found to get literature out to the people. One way of doing this was through used booksellers. Used booksellers tend to congregate around the universities and run their business out of "shacks" or on a blanket on the sidewalk.

One Christian man nervously approached the used booksellers with several bags of Arabic Bibles and offered them for sale. They said they would take them all!  This went on for several years and during the course of that time, they asked for more and more Arabic Bibles and New Testaments. Asked why they wanted so many Bibles, they said they wanted  Bibles because the students in the universities were encouraged by the professors to read the Bible as a piece of literature. So they were encouraged to go out and look for Bibles and the first place they went were the used book sellers.

The used booksellers would buy them and put them out and take the risk that the people at the bookstores would not take. They didn't care if they were shut down, because they would just open up in another shop, stall or blanket somewhere else. That was a great ministry and isn’t being done anymore today because there’s no one who wants to do it.  This is a HUGE opportunity for someone to take on to sell Arabic Bibles to used booksellers in all of the major cities of North Africa. 

This could be accomplished by people who embark on short term missions trips to Morocco, Tunisia, Egypt and many other Muslim countries. 

January 14, 2011

Tunisia Revolution a Warning for Morocco, Algeria, and Egypt.

Countries of the Maghreb face revolutionary unrest.
The recent revolution in Tunisia is a big wake up call for the other governments of North Africa. Morocco, Algeria, Libya and Egypt all have dictatorial governments that frequently oppresses their people. Human rights abuses abound, and there is a lack of freedom of religion, freedom of speech and the press is tightly controlled by the few who are in power. Morocco is ruled by a monarchy, King Mohammed VI, and is currently a peaceful nation. But unemployment is also high and the jobless youth are getting restless. Satellite TV and the internet are spreading images rapidly around the world and reigniting the restlessness that exists in the Arab world. The time has come for change and the leaders of Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria, Libya and Egypt are not prepared for the future. The most progressive is Morocco with the king having made huge strides in reforming the country. But will it be enough? Time will tell along with the population. Rising food prices and other commodities are a leading cause of this unrest.

United States President Barak Obama and French President Nicolas Sarkozy have both called for calm. Meanwhile the former President of Tunisia, Ben Ali continues to seek a country where he can request asylum. Having amassed huge amounts of wealth through his powerful position, Ben Ali won't be suffering in his future home country. His family has also fled the country.

Arab governments around the world are concerned that this unrest may spread. Rioting youth and the powerful images displayed on international news programs could ignite further revolutionary idealists around the world. Algeria has a very large jobless population along with the other Maghreb countries. Their populations have been amazingly patient for decades, but the clock is ticking and they are seeking change now.

What do you think will happen? What will happen to the Jews and Christians in Tunisia?

Revolution in Tunisia Forces President to Flee and Seek Asylum.

Mohamed Ghannouchi has taken over the leadership of the country of Tunisia. Born in 1941 in the coastal town of Sousse, Mr Ghannouchi has a degree in economics and was part of a team which entered government when Mr Ben Ali took over as prime minister from Tunisia's previous President, Habib Bourguiba.  Mr Ghannouchi is a leading member of the ruling Constitutional Democratic Rally party and has served as Finance Minister and International Co-operation Minister before becoming Prime Minister in 1999.
The fleeing President of Tunisia Ben Ali.

The government has been dissolved and it is not clear who is in control at this time. Recent riots as a result of high unemployment and rising food prices have led to this unrest which has been brewing in the North African nation for many years.

Plane loads of tourists are leaving all the major resort areas and returning to their home countries which lie primarily in Europe. This will have in impact upon the tourist industry and if the unrest is prolonged, it could have a devastating effect upon the overall economy. Tunisia is highly dependent upon it's tourist industry for revenue. Thousands of tourists are stranded in Tunisia as some flights have been canceled.

Reports are emerging that former President Ben Ali has flown to France where he will seek asylum. The situation in Tunisia remains intense with demonstrations and rioting continuing amidst celebrations of the president's departure.

What do you think the future holds for the country of Tunisia?

Tunisia Erupts in Chaos as President Ben Ali and Tourists Flee.

More than 50 people have died in riots in Tunisia.
Tunisia is a country which has seen peaceful times until recently. Today, the Tunisian President Zine El Abidine Ben Ali, quickly resigned as President and fled the country. The government has been terminated and there is now a huge void as to the running of this country. This is a new day for Tunisia and the Tunisian people. Where will their country go? Will it lead to a free press, more jobs, further prosperity or will it lead to anarchy and chaos.

At the moment, Tunisians are rejoicing after many years of dictatorship rule. Both young and old alike are anxious about the future. Young Tunisians are hoping for enhanced employment opportunities. The elderly are concerned about maintaining law and order. Even with the social struggles, Tunisians don't realize that of all the African nations, theirs is one of the best. However with Europe so close, it is hard to look at the rest of Africa and consider their plight.

With the changes that will eventually come to Tunisia, will it lead to an increase in personal freedoms? How about religious freedoms and human rights? Tunisia once boasted that it was the human rights capitol of the Arab world. Now is the time when it will be tested. In regards to religious freedom, the past few decades have not provided this liberty.

Mohamed was a young Tunisian man who had converted from Islam to Christianity and was having a rough time. He became a follower of Jesus while in Europe and had gone back to North Africa and was looking for work. Some students came in contact with him and tried to encourage him and spend time with him. His family had heard he had became a Christian, so they rejected him.  They encouraged him to try to reconcile with his family.

One afternoon one of the students and Mohamed went to his house and as soon as they walked into the front door, his mother, sisters and brothers spotted him. His mother charged him and started beating on him and screaming and yelling at him. She picked up the trash can and threw it at him. She yelled, “You are not my son any more. You have shamed us!”

Mohamed was shocked by the reaction of his family. He ended up sleeping in the park under the trees because he had no where to go, no job and what seemed like no future. It was a very difficult situation which a lot of Muslim converts face when they decide to leave Islam and follow Jesus Christ. The persecution from families is often more severe than the persecution from governments.  Unemployment is over 40% in North Africa, so new believers sometimes end up on the streets with no work, no place to live and no one to take them.  It’s a heavy price to pay.

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January 13, 2011

Near Riot in Tunisian University

University in Tunis
A young foreign student had a friend who was an English professor at the university of Tunis in Tunisia, North Africa. At the end of the semester, they were conducting exams. The student was asked by his friend to help him and come to the university to supervise classes while they waited to take their exams.  The student asked him if it would be OK if he brought some Bibles and give them to the students. He said, “I don't mind as long as you take the consequences of whatever happens.”  The student packed his backpack full of Arabic/English New Testaments, knowing that some of the students might find this to be an interesting and valuable book.

When they arrived, the classroom was mobbed and lots of students were hanging around and waiting for their turn to take the exams. The student stood in front of the class and said, “I have an announcement. I have some books here which are free—Arabic English New Testaments. If anyone would like to have one, you are welcome to have one.” Before he knew it, most of the students rushed forward and started grabbing for the New Testaments.  Books were flying everywhere and there was total chaos and a near riot. He didn't have enough for everybody so he make a list of names to try to get them Bibles later on. The Bible is a forbidden book in many of these Muslim countries. They want to know why it is forbidden and what is in it. Because it is forbidden, it generates curiosity among the young people.

Years later in another Muslim country, the student tried the same thing.  He was in a classroom full of Muslims who were studying French.  At the end of the course, he asked the teacher if he could hand out to each student, a French/Arabic book.  She said he could, and just as he started handing out French/Arabic New Testaments, the director of the school walked in.  Oops, not good timing. But the student gave one to him as well. Everyone was calm and grateful and one young man took 7 copies.  He wanted to sell them in his shop.

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January 12, 2011

Libyans Looking for a Good Time in Tunisia Find Something Else.

A young tourist was in the south of Tunisia.  In the hotel room next to his were three men from Libya. They had come over the border looking for a fun time.  They invited the tourist along with them. They all got into a car and were drive down some roads with no lights.  It was pitch black.  I then the tourist realized that what he had done probably wasn’t so smart.  He thought, "I might end up dead."  So he prayed, “Lord you are in control and I trust you in this situation.”

They eventually drove up to a large hotel where the Libyan guys wanted to go to the disco and find some girls.  Everything was closed, so the Libyans were disappointed. They drove back to the little hotel where they were staying and they sat in the room with long faces because of how things had turned out. This gave the tourist the opportunity to share the Gospel with them and give each them a Bible.  Interestingly, they were very open to discussing spiritual things.  It was a good opportunity to reach these guys who were going back to Libya - a country that desperately needed the Gospel!